In current healthcare, there is a shift from institutionalized care to home care, community care and primarily responsible for their health. For such care, it is crucial to bridge the distance between caregivers and patients who are at different locations. Telehealth makes this possible.

This vision on telehealth has been expressed in the excellent comprehensive book on Telemedicine and Telehealth, that has been edited by the IMIA Working Group on Telehealth

Our organization, Quality Assurance eHealth (QAEH), intends to contribute to moving forward in further applying the visions, principles and practices that have been presented in this book: Gogia S.B. Fundamentals of Telemedicine and Telehealth. 1st ed. (Gogia SB, ed. Rio de Janeiro: Elsevier Inc; 2020. Doi: ISBN 978-0-12-814309-4)