About us

The potential benefit of telehealth and medical devices is the motivation behind the efforts of QAEH.
Since its foundation in 2011, QAEH has acquired extensive experience in quality assurance of eHealth and medical devices: certification of home-based digital monitoring, tele-consultation, social alarm systems and hospital’s telemedicine programmes to place therapeutic medical equipment at the patient’s home.

Our focus is on small-and-medium enterprises because they will shape the future of telehealth and medical devices. QAEH aims at supporting these enterprises in all the phases of manufacturing, bringing to the market and supporting their customers in healthcare.

To do so, QAEH develops a toolkit that is affordable and of guaranteed quality. The quality of the toolkit is ensured by the continued collaboration with the different parties and telehealth of medical devices: healthcare professionals, manufacturers, patients and family caregivers, healthcare institutions and regulatory bodies. This is the Chain of Collaboration that empowers participants in healthcare (healthcare professionals, patients and family caregivers) to provide patient centered, participatory care that bridges distance in place and time: to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We work closely with the Telehealth Working Group of The International Medical Informatics Association. For more information visit their website: https://imia-medinfo.org/wp/telehealth/


If you are interested in our services or in case you have a question or request, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please send in the form below and we will contact you.